Brockhampton – M.O.B

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Brockhampton continues to release new tracks with a rumored album on the way.

When Brockhampton first started releasing music, very few people expected them to become the international phenomenon they are today. While many considered them to be a rap group, bandleader Kevin Abstract would prefer you refer to them as a boy band. Brockhampton has completely broken free from the boy band stereotypes and has delivered numerous consistent projects.

Last weekend, the group dropped two new tracks and this morning, they came through with two more. This track, “M.O.B” is yet another song that is focused around the efforts of Abstract and Matt Champion. The two trade lowkey verses that possess some interesting energy. It looks like the group is trying out a new sound for their next album and it’s looking pretty promising.

Quotable Lyrics:

You poor folk think you know it
My boy, they need the Lord, an
So I don’t trip too often
Reportin’ live from Kaufman
These my dawgs for life until I see a coffin
Them trees, they got me coughin’

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