Future Ft Young Thug – Harlem Shake

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Future and Young Thug sit back and let the slime take over on their latest banger “Harlem Shake.”

Future and Young Thug have developed a reputation as two of the game’s most prolific, with their combined work ethics culminating in thousands of unreleased songs. And while it’s likely they could have filled several collaboration albums by now, the scarcity of Super Slimey reunion tracks has made the appearances all the more exciting. As you probably know, Future recently dropped off his brand new album High Off Life, which featured a Young Thug duet by the name of “Harlem Shake.”

In spirit, it feels rather similar to So Much Fun’s “Sup Mate,” in that both parties seem more concerned with having a good time than making a lasting impression. While that might seem like a negative quality on the surface, there’s something organic about two good friends firing off melodies and rhymes in the studio. It helps when the beat actually goes, and Wheezy makes sure to come through with a suave guitar-plucked instrumental. It’s unlikely you’ll be scrunching your face in marvel at the bars, but damned if “Harlem Shake” isn’t infectious all the same. 


Spent a kilo on a mink coat, ay, ay, ay
Lil’ shawty want some Henny and co-co, ay, ay
Racks everywhere, Alpo, ay
Chopper make him do the Harlem Shake

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