KXNG CROOKED – Better Late Than Never

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KXNG Crooked’s ongoing Hip-Hop Weekly series will, at least in theory, come to an end. Granted, the unrelenting lyricist may very well decide to prolong his onslaught, but even titans of Crook’s stature deserve a break from time to time. Luckily for us, however, he seems hellbent on going out with a bang. What better way than to snap on a Twista classic, the dark and up-tempo “Adrenaline Rush?”


Off the rip, Crook absolutely spazzes with a dexterous flow, proving once again why we confidently named him among the year’s best lyricists. “As I consume light, as I resume like an army platoon fight, whatever the goon write fill another tomb site like a barefoot werewolf howling under the moonlight,” he raps, putting his multisyllabic mastery on full display. And that’s not even factoring in his scheme at 1:15, in which he deftly namedrops classic albums in breakneck fashion. By the end, his flow has switched so many times one has to wonder if he’ll ever run out of them.





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