Lil Reese – Kids In The Ghetto

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Lil Reese is relying a lot on previously recorded singles after suffering a gunshot to the neck. The rapper’s continued to drop new music as he hopes for his voice to return. The rapper came through with “Kids In The Ghetto” earlier today. The song’s production isn’t necessarily in the drill lane as you’d typically expect; it’s a bit more laid back but Reese still hones into that same energy that he typically delivers on wax.


The rapper announced that his voice would be out for two months as he recovers from the wound. However, he did tease that an ASMR-type track that he has one the way with Murda Beatz. It’s unclear when he plans on dropping that but given that he’s still dropping music in wake of his injury, it doesn’t seem like we’ll wait too long for it.




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