Sammie – Send Nudes

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1999 marked the arrival of singer Sammie’s classic “I Like It” track, and as the now 32-year-old crooner celebrates 20 years since his debut, he has delivered on very grown-up effort in the form of his latest Send Nudes EP.


Arriving as a commemoration, Send Nudes touches down just ahead of Sammie’s scheduled run on the forthcoming Millenium Tour that will find him performing alongside contemporaries such as Bow

Wow, Omarion, and Ashanti.


Reflecting on the journey thus far, Sammie recently opened up about his hardships in music, revealing that a former manager allegedly emptied his bank account in 2009. This was at the root of what later be revealed to be an unplanned musical hiatus for the R&B vet.


“I started my own label and started rebranding myself (I was on no hiatus, couldn’t afford it.) For 7 years I treaded water and suffered (much like Job in the Bible.) 2016 finally caught my big break and look at me now. On top,” he wrote on Instagram. “And I’m still not satisfied yet I’m content just as I was during those Seven yrs of hardship. Seven the # of completion. I’m God’s child and I’ll never lose and He’ll never forsake me! Don’t give up please! Keep going!”


Listen to Send Nudes below.


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