Nas New Album Release Date Reveals by Big Sean

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A few hours ago, the legendary rapper Nas was in the studio with Big Sean and the G.O.O.D. Music rapper made sure to document some of that experience on his Instagram. In one of the stories, Seanputs Nas on blast” and reveals that the Queens rapper is about to drop a new album. ‘Aye, you finna drop?” Sean asks Nas to which he replies, “somethin’ like that.”

Neither of them revealed the title of it or when it’s coming but it has to be close enough for Sean to have the luxury of saying it in front of the man himself. Nas’ latest album The Lost Tapes 2 released in July last year and although it did not perform well commercially, it got a good reaction from fans online.


During the listening session for The Lost Tapes 2 in New York, Nasir had revealed that he has volume 3 and 4 of The Lost Tapes on the way as well. He recently appear on the remix of ‘Rodeo’ with Lil Nas

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