David Blatt Now Hired as Basketball Operations Consultant

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The New York Knicks have done some head scratching moves in recent years, but this season as well. One of them was getting rid of David Fizdale, after holding a press conference about their coach earlier in the year and blindsiding him about how they felt about him at the time. Not to mention putting together a squad full of power forwards this offseason and not developing their young guys like they should have.


Either way, here goes another eyebrow raising piece of news from Madison Square Garden, as the team has announced that former Cavs coach David Blatt will hold the title of Basketball Operations Consultant for the foreseeable future.

While we’re not sure how this will improve the team looking forward and is a confusing move, it’s expected from the Knicks at this point.


Apparently, the connection in this move comes from the fact Blatt played at Princeton with President of Basketball Operations Steve Mills and VP of Player Development Craig Robinson. Regardless, they sit at 7-21 for the season, headed towards another top pick in the upcoming NBA draft.

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