Night Lovell – Lethal Presence

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Yet Night Lovell has continued to roam freely, almost exclusively by night, sending those unlucky enough to cross his path scurrying in terror. In honor of the inherently spooky day that is Friday The 13th, Night Lovell came through and dropped off the Outby16-produced “Lethal Presence;” in fact, it’s been a busy day for Lovell, who also linked up with Lil West on the haunting “Pay Me (Remix).” On this one, however, he’s handling this on the solo tip, living up to the track’s name through pure sinister energy.


As the beat floats like shadowy figures in the mist, Lovell cruises overhead with some appropriately threatening bars. “Try to take my bitch away I’ll shoot you in the back,” he warns. “Wish your face was in the spot that I done pissed in.” Fans of Lovell will likely find much to love in “Lethal Presence,” a dark banger that wholly encompasses his unique style and vision. Look for big things to come from the young Canadian.


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