Roy Woods – Neva Your Way

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Roy Woods takes a new approach with his latest EP, “Dem Times.”

Roy Woods has steadily kept his fans on their toes for the release of new music. Thankfully, a new album is on the way and ahead of its release (whenever that is), he’s delivered a little pack to hold fans down for the time being. This week, he released Dem Times, a five-track EP that showcasing his diverse styles. Though for fans of projects like Waking At Dawn and Exis might not have too much grounds that’s meant to appeal to that specific sound, there are remnants of it on tracks like, “Neva Your Way.” The island-tinged vibes he’s known for are subtle but he does ride the wave of R&B with a pinch of hip-hop throughout.

Peep the track below and check out the entire EP here.

Quotable Lyrics
And you don’t know what the govy tax for 
Girls don’t even know how much they ask for
Ain’t gotta be a pimp to know how much her ass for
Don’t act like five-four, might pop off and rob yours

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