Eli Sostre – Trustin You

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Eli Sostre has earned a quality reputation, and few can accuse the multitalented artist of biting ongoing musical trends. With a skillset encompassing the worlds of hip-hop and R&B, Sostre has room to switch it up according to his given mood. Today, the Brooklyn-based Sostre has opted for a melodic approach, taking to a phase-heavy guitar arpeggio and delivering “Trustin You.” Thematically, his latest speaks to his criteria for a healthy relationship, one that must be built on the foundation of trust. There’s a refreshing sincerity in his vocals, even when he’s pledging to ball uncontrollably on a whim.


“I might go and spend a million on my neck,” he sings, “n***as talk they just talking on the net, what it cost it would have your ass in debt.” Despite going off track for a brief moment or two “Trustin You” still feels successful as an intimate R&B anthem, one that works on a variety of angles.



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