Camila Cabello – “My Oh My” ft. DaBaby

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Dand Camila Cabelo make an unexpected pair.

Lightning rarely strikes twice, but when it does, you can’t deny the impact. When pop sensation Camila Cabello emerged onto the scene with her breakout hit “Havana,” her team up with Young Thug worked wonders in cementing some crossover appeal. By now, you’ve likely heard the infectious single a minimum of ten times, its chorus entrenched in the fibers of your consciousness. Now, Cabello is looking to double down with another hip-hop collaborations, this one featuring North Carolina’s own DaBaby in a supporting role.On “My Oh My,” the similarities to “Havana” cannot be denied. A similar slinking bassline suggests imminent mischief, a quality enforced by Camila’s playful cadence. Painting a picture of a forbidden but passionate romance, Cabello and DaBaby waste little time in getting into character. “I’m the type to make her turn on her daddy,” boasts DaBaby, eternal nemesis to fathers worldwide. “DaBaby, make her forget what she learned from her daddy.” Check it out now, available in select international markets.

Quotable Lyrics

Look, I’m the type to make her turn on her daddy
DaBaby, make her forget what she learned from her daddy
I don’t be tripping on lil’ shawty, I let her do whatever she please
I don’t be kissing on lil’ shawty, she don’t be kissing on me either

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