Elijvh – Chances, On the run and Pitfalls

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Elijvh, The California-based artist caught our eyes in the most unexpected of ways: a tweet mentioning that he’d been sending music to us once a month, for roughly three years.Full disclosure: tweets don’t always work (aka, they almost never work), but we decided to give him a shot.

Née Elijah Daniel Perkins, the Black and Filipino artist aims to bring Pinoy culture-inspired hip hop music into the conversation. His latest single, “Pitfalls,” employs both Filipino folk music and traditional R&B. “I wanted this record to combine both my proud African-American and Filipino heritage which is blending two distinct characteristics of Filipino folk music called Bandurria with real soulful R&B elements from the 70s,” he said.

Elijvh has been dropping weekly songs throughout 2020. Check out “Pitfalls,” as well as other tracks from his discography, below.


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