Travis Scott Ft T.I. & 2 Chainz – Upper Echelon

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Travis Scott made one hell of an impression on “Owl Pharoah’s” classic lead single, the T.I. & 2 Chainz-assisted “Upper Echelon.”

Time flies when you’re having fun, and what is Travis Scott having if not a perpetual state of gleeful fun? While currently enjoying a run as one of the biggest hip-hop artists in the world, it’s almost easy to forget that Travis wasn’t always raging at full intensity. Seven years ago to this day, he was a young rapper looking to make a strong impression, weaving together his debut mixtape Owl Pharoah and sending it out into the world. In hindsight, it’s fascinating to revisit where it all began, especially on a hard-hitting banger like lead single “Upper Echelon.”

Over a ridiculously badass instrumental, Scott unites T.I. and 2 Chainz for the occasion. Though Travis and 2 Chainz both offer up brief verses, Tip makes the most of his appearance, firing off an impressive verse that serves as a reminder of his effortless prowess. “You fuckin’ with us, I suggest you invest in a vest, a choppa no less than a tech,” he warns. Yet seeing as this is Travis Scott’s show, it feels appropriate to reflect on his own contribution to the single. Delivering his opening lines with the faintest of British accents, it’s no surprise he quickly captivated the masses so intensely. The star power and confidence came in abundance on “Upper Echelon,” and still do — though arguably less raw than it came back then. 

Happy anniversary to Owl Pharoah, in many ways the tape that started it all. What do you think of this one?


You n***s a mess, I swear you best show some respect
Or else I guarantee you’ll get wet
You fuckin’ with us, I suggest you invest in a vest
A choppa no less than a tech 
You n***s want trouble in that I’m the best
They just wanna talk, I ain’t finna do that

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