“LOC” LIGHTS OUT CLICK WAS THE NAME OF MY FIRST RAP GROUP BACK IN THE DAY,” writes Meek, posted up in a blue coat throwing up signs. Beside him stands Drake and Preme, allowing their Mob Ties energy to manifest for the camera. Between Meek’s attire and his West-Coast slang-heavy crew name, it’s no wonder Casanova slid into the comment section with some concerns. “MAN I THOUGHT YALL TURNT CRIP,” he writes, as Yella Beezy makes a similar connection to the Crip movement.

While it’s all in good fun, you have to wonder what the Lights Out Click might have sounded like back in the day. Back before Meek was putting in work in the name of social justice, when he was a hungry young rapper making a name on the Philly streets. Check out the picture below, as well as a few additional ones shared by London On Da Track.