Zo Morese – Fly Boy Fall

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New Jersey is starting to gain traction in the hip-hop game once again. The Fall may be coming to a close but Zo Morese is still lounging off the vibes of the chilly season. After a busy year for the young New Jersey lyricist, Zo blessed his fans with a new tape called Fly Boy Fall. The long-awaited project features 11 tracks and has guest appearances from Chaos, Eccentric, and Kilo G’z. The album toes the line between hip-hop and pop-rap immaculately, offering catchy hooks for the trap lovers and lyrical mastery for the rap heads.


Fly Boy Fall finds strength in the production. Overall, the executive production and choice of instrumentals forge an East Coast energy that allows Zo to paint his artistry flawlessly. He puts his state on his back and delivers an entertaining project from start to finish without using stereotypical or trite methods. Fly Boy Fall is a creative and wildly impressive project for the newcomer.



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